Lavazza Qualita Oro Beans 1kgx6

Lavazza Qualita Oro Beans 1kgx6

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Lavazza Qualita Oro is truly a fantastic coffee.

100% Arabica from Central America in a perfect roast, mild, smooth for the discerning coffee lover.

Lavazza Qualita Oro (1000g) is normally only available in Italy. We import it directly and offer it at best price guaranteed. Lavazza Qualita Oro is a blend of high-grade Arabica coffees from Central America and several varietals from Africa all distinct by their intense aroma.

Although Lavazza Qualita Oro just like Lavazza Pienaroma is made of 100% Arabica coffees Lavazza Oro has a slightly different roast. We think that it is clearly superior to Pienaroma. In addition, in terms of flavour the roasters found exactly the golden mean.

The roasting cycle to this end emphasises the natural characteristic without neglecting the body. A flowery note is clearly detectable which is typical for high-grade Central American coffees. This is coffee for every moment of the day and excellent to finish a meal with because of its long and intense flavour.

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